Thank you for showing an interest in being a writer! The world certainly needs more of that breed. Writing has always been a noble pursuit and many causes have greatly benefited from them. We are no different. Fence Tastic has also been fortunate enough to have had some pretty special writers on our staff.

One of our core values is to provide a safe and positive space for writers to sharpen and practice their craft. After all, it takes a good writer to fully convey a message or an idea in the smoothest and most uncomplicated manner possible. That said, we would like to say that:

Fence Tastic Is Looking for Writers!

That is correct! We are looking to add more talented individuals to our writing team! So please turn your attention to the following questions below:

Do you like writing and research?

We know firsthand that writing and research go hand in hand. We need individuals who can do more than just put sentences and conjunctions together. We need people who are comfortable in doing additional research for the topics that we assign them. This website aims to provide accurate and timely information. So it is critical that the people who join our team will be capable in providing such information.

Do you have an organic interest in cars, car rentals, and travel?

We find that the best sort of articles come from the people that like what they are writing about. In the field of writing, it is not uncommon to have to write about things because it’s a job. However, we want to make sure that the people who join our writing team do so because that are passionate about the same things as we are.

The topics of travel are best touched upon by souls that feel the call for it in their very bones. We want to provide a good opportunity for those that would like to write about this topic.

Are you aiming to secure published pieces for your portfolio?

Getting your articles published in a legitimate website is a boost that any portfolio and any budding writer’s credibility. We would be glad to vouch for your writing credentials—provided that the articles that you turn in are 100% unique and wholly original. We will be using stringent plagiarism software to ensure that any submissions are completely original.

If you believe that you would like to be part of our writing team, send us an email at