When you have a big event or special occasion coming up, taking out a vehicle from a rental company is good sense. There are loads of benefits to renting out a vehicle. There are actually too many of them to fit into a single short article.

When you do decide that you want to rent out a vehicle, it would be important to choose a company that is pretty reliable. However, what is it that counts as a hallmark of a ‘good’ rental company? This is what we will be looking into today. In our years in the field, we have pretty much narrowed down the particular signs that we look for before choosing to patronize a specific car rental firm.

Here are some of them:

Updated Fleets

The lifeblood of a car rental company is, of course, the vehicles that they have. So if you look at the offerings of a car rental firm and their cars look like they belong in the 90s, you had better think twice. One of the sure signs of a good company would be having cars that are up to date and well-maintained.

When you inspect their vehicles, try to test out a choice before signing the contract. If you are not too familiar with what makes a well-maintained vehicle, bring along a friend with significant mechanical prowess.

Approachable and Professional Staff

Before you even get near the vehicles on the lot, you will have to talk to the people who are at the front desk. Ask yourself these questions when it comes to forming an opinion about the company and their staff:

  • How easy was it to get a hold of them?
  • How courteous were their responses?
  • How organic were the responses?
  • How forthcoming were they about their prices and offers?

In order to secure positive experiences when it comes to renting out a car, having highly professional staff is a must.

Good Reputation

One of the things that every consumer must take advantage of is how easy it is to find dirt online. When someone has a bad experience—especially when it comes to the service industry—you can be sure to find a lot of strong opinions about it online.

If a car rental company is legitimate, they will have social media presence. It is that presence that you can use to gauge whether or not they have a positive reputation. While it is okay to not have a 100% purely positive reputation, it should at least be in the high 90s in order to be considered as an option.


A good car rental company is the door to good rental experiences. This is why it is important that you familiarize yourself with what the hallmarks of a good company is. That way, you can be better sniff out which terrible companies are hiding behind good names or an old age.

When you choose which rental company to go with, what hallmarks do you look out for?

Rental Goodness: What Are the Hallmarks of a Good Car Rental Company?