Renting out a car or several can come off as complicated if you are not careful. While in most cases, the experience can be pretty smooth this does not mean to imply that there will be no issues that can occur at all. In our personal experiences, there have been some mistakes that occur more than most.

As such, we wanted to compile them so that you, our dear readers, would be able to watch out for them and ultimately avoid them if you can.

1: Falling Prey to Hard Selling

There is no mistaking those car rental agencies—no matter the convenience that they bring—are businesses that have their own bottom line. They will often try to offer you ‘optional’ add-ons when you try to rent out one of their cars. One of these add-ons would most likely be additional insurance or pre-paying for gasoline.

It can be an uncomfortable experience when in the face of something hard selling you something. It can also appeal to your sense of goodwill. However, you must be firm and just be polite about turning it down. You are not and will not be the last client that they will have. Just remember to keep your eyes on the ball and avoid getting sidetracked by any appeals or shiny offers.

2: Renting a Car from an Airport

This can be particularly tempting to do if you are visiting a place that you have never been to. However, you must always keep it in your mind that airport establishments do markup their fees by about 80-200% as compared to an outside business.

It is all about the monopoly. Have you ever noticed that cinemas get away with selling popcorn and soda at ludicrous prices because no other food is allowed? The same principle applies. A good way to avoid this from happening to you is talking to the travel agency that you booked with or the staff at the hotel that you will be staying with.

Normally, they have their own tie up with rental companies and they are way more affordable than what you would expect at an airport. Also, bear in mind that most hotels already have a shuttle service for their incoming clients.

3: Not Checking to See if GPS Has Been Added to the Contract

This is one of the more common mistakes that we have seen people do. A lot of people assume that GPS comes ready with the vehicle but it is actually an additional cost. It is usually a rather unpleasant surprise when you receive an additional bill upon the return of the vehicle.

There are now apps that you can download—for free, we might add—that works even better than a GPS system that is installed in a car. Be sure that they do not include this in your bill or have them switch it off, if it comes with the vehicle. That way, you will not be billed for use of satellite GPS.


Mistakes are always teachable moments. They are not the end of the world and should be taken as something that you should take into consideration the next time you try renting again.

Which mistake have you made before?

Three Common Rental Mistakes and How to Avoid Them