When you rent out a vehicle, there is often a certain amount of expectation as to what goes with it. A lot of clients that we have come across are not exactly fully aware of the amenities or perks that go with a car rental. This is something that we would like to change.

In light of that, we hope you tune in as we discuss certain amenities that now come with car rentals! It is important that this is known so that future rentals may be approached with an informed understanding of what they should expect versus what they get.

Various Amenities

Amenities would usually be a term that is associated with an establishment or in cases of travel, a hotel or resort. What is interesting is that car rentals now have different ‘amenities’ or features that renters may be able to take advantage of. For example:

Free Wi-Fi

Connection is often Key nowadays. Not only does it provide convenience for the riders but it gives the rental company a better chance at being pushed online. Not every person out there has constant internet connection through their phones.

Car rental companies have realized this and have upped their offerings to provide free Wi-Fi for party buses, SUVs, and even sedan type rentals.

Satellite TV or DVDs

A lot of car rental companies have noted that entertainment systems were the way to go. If a client was renting out a van for a long distance journey, having something to entertain the riders is important. So it has been quite expected for flat screen TVs and DVD players to be part of a large car rental package.

Drinks and Snacks

These are usually expected when you rent out a larger vehicle like a limo or a stretch SUV. Rental agencies have realized that these little touches provide considerable enjoyment and ease for their clients. However, there are rental agencies that will need to be asked if they do provide drinks and snacks and if they come with any extra fees. It is always better to be safe than sorry, we always say.


Yes, whether you believe it or not, a driver is a ‘feature’ of a rental car that most people tend to forget about. A lot of rental agencies tend to assume that most clients that rent out vehicles will want to drive it themselves.

However, for certain vehicle types, a driver is considered to be ‘part of the package’. An excellent driver can do a lot to enhance the experience of getting a rental car.


When you think about amenities, it is often important to consider the vehicle that you are renting out. It would be completely unreasonable to expect amenities that go with a limousine to go on a 2-seater convertible. When you think of the amenities that we listed above, be sure to match them up with the right kind of vehicle.

That way, you can manage your expectations and get the most out of your rental when you have it.

Luxury at Its Finest: Amenities That Now Come With a Car Rentals