Hello and welcome to Fence Tastic! The name is Joseph Frederickson and I am fully excited to welcome you to this website. I have enjoyed quite a career in car sales and car rentals and I got to see first hand the joy that luxury cars bring to people.

Who can resist comfort that comes with a sleek and plush sedan? Who can deny the utilization of a limousine or a stretch SUV? Who will be able to look past a sleek and stylish convertible or sports car? While high end vehicles may seem out of reach, car rentals make it possible to be behind the wheel.

On that vein, I saw the confusion that a lot of potential car rental clients have about the whole process and what they can come to expect.

Fence Tastic’s Mission

 In light of this, I and some people who are also writing for this site, wanted to come together and provide a useful resource that they can learn from. We aim to discuss several pieces of information about luxury car rentals that consumers are often a bit too shy to ask or are simply unaware that they should ask about it.

I and some people from the same field of experience have come to the agreement that we wanted to build this site in order to provide a rather useful service. We wanted to put our years of experience to work. Collectively, the wealth of information we have is something that we hope you all will be able to utilize.

If there is anything in particular that you would like us to address to talk about at some length, do let us know. You can reach our fabulous staff through info@fencetastic.ca. We hope that more and more consumers will empower themselves with the necessary knowledge that will help them secure a better understanding of car rentals.