Thinking about renting out a vehicle for a particular event can be quite confusing if you do not know what you are looking for if you plan to book a luxury ride in Nice. When the word ‘rental’ is mentioned, a lot of people automatically think of a sedan or a limousine. While they are not incorrect in their initial thoughts, there are a lot more vehicle types that can be rented out—if you just know what to ask.

Today, we would like to provide a bit more of an understanding on what sort of vehicles can actually be rented out. Of course, these are subject to availability and depend entirely on the rental agency that you approach. However, in our years of experience, the good agencies will have these as a part of their fleets.


These are often the more established offerings of a car rental company. What is nice about sedans is that depending on the make and even the brand of it, you can find it on the higher end or even the lower end of the spending spectrum.

A sedan is a good choice if you just need to get from one point to another. It is simple and does not take much fuss. You can have it with a chauffer or you could not—making it highly flexible. Higher end sedans are perfect for wedding conveyances. Rental agencies often save sedans like Bentleys and BMWs specifically for weddings and other special occasions.


These larger vehicles are great for shuttling several people. They are often the favorite for out of town trips as they can handle a variety of road types and road conditions. They can also provide better comfort for clients.

There are several brands that made SUVs so you can probably expect quite a choice to be made when it is time to choose.

Stretch Vehicles

This is the category that contains vehicles like limousines and party busses. A party bus is normally a stretched out vehicle that is used for bachelor or bachelorette parties. They are also the best choice when you want to go sample the nightlife of a city with your friends.

If you had ever seen the movie Logan, the main character of that film was a limousine driver. You get to see the different sort of uses that it can have. Stretched out vehicles often carry the most amenities out of all the vehicles that would be available for rent.

Sports Cars and Convertibles

This is one of the reasons why rental companies are much beloved by celebrities and PR companies. Some car rental companies now carry truly luxurious vehicles in their fleets and you should definitely rent a Maserati in Miami should you get the chance. Or a Ford – these are often used for promotional videos.

If you have ever seen all the fancy cars in a music video, there is a 89% chance those are rentals. Not everyone can afford a sports car so a rental is a great way to know what it is like to drive one of those automotive wonders.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of vehicle options to rent out. Which one would you like to try out the next time you rent a vehicle?

Getting the Basics: Different Vehicle Types That You Can Rent Out