Three Common Rental Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Renting out a car or several can come off as complicated if you are not careful. While in most cases, the experience can be pretty smooth this does not mean to imply that there will be no issues that can occur at all. In our personal experiences, there have been some mistakes that occur more than most.

As such, we wanted to compile them so that you, our dear readers, would be able to watch out for them and ultimately avoid them if you can.

1: Falling Prey to Hard Selling

There is no mistaking those car rental agencies—no matter the convenience that they bring—are businesses that have their own bottom line. They will often try to offer you ‘optional’ add-ons when you try to rent out one of their cars. One of these add-ons would most likely be additional insurance or pre-paying for gasoline.

It can be an uncomfortable experience when in the face of something hard selling you something. It can also appeal to your sense of goodwill. However, you must be firm and just be polite about turning it down. You are not and will not be the last client that they will have. Just remember to keep your eyes on the ball and avoid getting sidetracked by any appeals or shiny offers.

2: Renting a Car from an Airport

This can be particularly tempting to do if you are visiting a place that you have never been to. However, you must always keep it in your mind that airport establishments do markup their fees by about 80-200% as compared to an outside business.

It is all about the monopoly. Have you ever noticed that cinemas get away with selling popcorn and soda at ludicrous prices because no other food is allowed? The same principle applies. A good way to avoid this from happening to you is talking to the travel agency that you booked with or the staff at the hotel that you will be staying with.

Normally, they have their own tie up with rental companies and they are way more affordable than what you would expect at an airport. Also, bear in mind that most hotels already have a shuttle service for their incoming clients.

3: Not Checking to See if GPS Has Been Added to the Contract

This is one of the more common mistakes that we have seen people do. A lot of people assume that GPS comes ready with the vehicle but it is actually an additional cost. It is usually a rather unpleasant surprise when you receive an additional bill upon the return of the vehicle.

There are now apps that you can download—for free, we might add—that works even better than a GPS system that is installed in a car. Be sure that they do not include this in your bill or have them switch it off, if it comes with the vehicle. That way, you will not be billed for use of satellite GPS.


Mistakes are always teachable moments. They are not the end of the world and should be taken as something that you should take into consideration the next time you try renting again.

Which mistake have you made before?

Rental Goodness: What Are the Hallmarks of a Good Car Rental Company?

When you have a big event or special occasion coming up, taking out a vehicle from a rental company is good sense. There are loads of benefits to renting out a vehicle. There are actually too many of them to fit into a single short article.

When you do decide that you want to rent out a vehicle, it would be important to choose a company that is pretty reliable. However, what is it that counts as a hallmark of a ‘good’ rental company? This is what we will be looking into today. In our years in the field, we have pretty much narrowed down the particular signs that we look for before choosing to patronize a specific car rental firm.

Here are some of them:

Updated Fleets

The lifeblood of a car rental company is, of course, the vehicles that they have. So if you look at the offerings of a car rental firm and their cars look like they belong in the 90s, you had better think twice. One of the sure signs of a good company would be having cars that are up to date and well-maintained.

When you inspect their vehicles, try to test out a choice before signing the contract. If you are not too familiar with what makes a well-maintained vehicle, bring along a friend with significant mechanical prowess.

Approachable and Professional Staff

Before you even get near the vehicles on the lot, you will have to talk to the people who are at the front desk. Ask yourself these questions when it comes to forming an opinion about the company and their staff:

  • How easy was it to get a hold of them?
  • How courteous were their responses?
  • How organic were the responses?
  • How forthcoming were they about their prices and offers?

In order to secure positive experiences when it comes to renting out a car, having highly professional staff is a must.

Good Reputation

One of the things that every consumer must take advantage of is how easy it is to find dirt online. When someone has a bad experience—especially when it comes to the service industry—you can be sure to find a lot of strong opinions about it online.

If a car rental company is legitimate, they will have social media presence. It is that presence that you can use to gauge whether or not they have a positive reputation. While it is okay to not have a 100% purely positive reputation, it should at least be in the high 90s in order to be considered as an option.


A good car rental company is the door to good rental experiences. This is why it is important that you familiarize yourself with what the hallmarks of a good company is. That way, you can be better sniff out which terrible companies are hiding behind good names or an old age.

When you choose which rental company to go with, what hallmarks do you look out for?

Be Smart: Car Rental Rip-offs You Need to Know About

In an ideal world, we would have nothing to worry about. However, life is nowhere that kind. When you are aiming to rent out a vehicle, it is important that you keep a sharp eye out. If not, you just might end up falling prey to some pretty sneaky car rental scams or rip-offs.

Rental scams are the reason why a lot of startup car rental agencies have some trouble securing clients. In order to help startup companies and our readers who may need a bit of help, we are going to be discussing some of the known rental scams that we have come across.

Common Rip-offs

Hidden in the Print

It should go without saying that before you sign a contract, you must read it thoroughly. The problem is that there are rental contracts that take up more than one page. The jargon they use might be confusing as well. It would be normal practice to ask for a client’s copy—which is simplified but still should have the same message.

What you can do is thoroughly check for any clauses about fees and insurance. If you aren’t okay with those things, don’t sign. If you do sign, make sure that you fully document it. Ask them to print out a copy for you and have them sign it. Take care of that copy so that you can use it to compare with their copy so they don’t sneak anything into their fine print.


One of the more annoying things that some rental companies do is switch out the vehicle that the client gets rather than what they preferred or personally selected. One of the indications that you are working with a good company is if you are allowed to select the car you want to use.

To avoid this from happening to you, fully document the car you have chosen. Take not of the color, make, model, brand, and even the serial number or plate number of the car. Make sure that it is listed specifically in the contract that you are going to sign.

While you should make room in case that there will be unforeseen occurrences, you should have a thorough talk with the account holder. Ask them these questions:

  • Will you be notified of any changes before the date of use?
  • What is their policy when they fail to deliver the chosen vehicle?

Damage and Cleaning Fees

When you do end up getting the car you want, it is easy to fall under the lull of false security. Even when you are able to get the car, you must be on guard. Take careful note of anything that is broken or has an issue. Notify the company immediately.

Fully document the vehicle (both inside and out) before and after you make use of it. This way you have clear proof of the state of the vehicle when it was under your care. This protects you from any sudden claim of damages that the vehicle got and will be charged to your account.


Be careful and know your rights as a consumer. This way, you can avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous rental companies.

Getting the Basics: Different Vehicle Types That You Can Rent Out

Thinking about renting out a vehicle for a particular event can be quite confusing if you do not know what you are looking for if you plan to book a luxury ride in Nice. When the word ‘rental’ is mentioned, a lot of people automatically think of a sedan or a limousine. While they are not incorrect in their initial thoughts, there are a lot more vehicle types that can be rented out—if you just know what to ask.

Today, we would like to provide a bit more of an understanding on what sort of vehicles can actually be rented out. Of course, these are subject to availability and depend entirely on the rental agency that you approach. However, in our years of experience, the good agencies will have these as a part of their fleets.


These are often the more established offerings of a car rental company. What is nice about sedans is that depending on the make and even the brand of it, you can find it on the higher end or even the lower end of the spending spectrum.

A sedan is a good choice if you just need to get from one point to another. It is simple and does not take much fuss. You can have it with a chauffer or you could not—making it highly flexible. Higher end sedans are perfect for wedding conveyances. Rental agencies often save sedans like Bentleys and BMWs specifically for weddings and other special occasions.


These larger vehicles are great for shuttling several people. They are often the favorite for out of town trips as they can handle a variety of road types and road conditions. They can also provide better comfort for clients.

There are several brands that made SUVs so you can probably expect quite a choice to be made when it is time to choose.

Stretch Vehicles

This is the category that contains vehicles like limousines and party busses. A party bus is normally a stretched out vehicle that is used for bachelor or bachelorette parties. They are also the best choice when you want to go sample the nightlife of a city with your friends.

If you had ever seen the movie Logan, the main character of that film was a limousine driver. You get to see the different sort of uses that it can have. Stretched out vehicles often carry the most amenities out of all the vehicles that would be available for rent.

Sports Cars and Convertibles

This is one of the reasons why rental companies are much beloved by celebrities and PR companies. Some car rental companies now carry truly luxurious vehicles in their fleets and you should definitely rent a Maserati in Miami should you get the chance. Or a Ford – these are often used for promotional videos.

If you have ever seen all the fancy cars in a music video, there is a 89% chance those are rentals. Not everyone can afford a sports car so a rental is a great way to know what it is like to drive one of those automotive wonders.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of vehicle options to rent out. Which one would you like to try out the next time you rent a vehicle?

Luxury at Its Finest: Amenities That Now Come With a Car Rentals

When you rent out a vehicle, there is often a certain amount of expectation as to what goes with it. A lot of clients that we have come across are not exactly fully aware of the amenities or perks that go with a car rental. This is something that we would like to change.

In light of that, we hope you tune in as we discuss certain amenities that now come with car rentals! It is important that this is known so that future rentals may be approached with an informed understanding of what they should expect versus what they get.

Various Amenities

Amenities would usually be a term that is associated with an establishment or in cases of travel, a hotel or resort. What is interesting is that car rentals now have different ‘amenities’ or features that renters may be able to take advantage of. For example:

Free Wi-Fi

Connection is often Key nowadays. Not only does it provide convenience for the riders but it gives the rental company a better chance at being pushed online. Not every person out there has constant internet connection through their phones.

Car rental companies have realized this and have upped their offerings to provide free Wi-Fi for party buses, SUVs, and even sedan type rentals.

Satellite TV or DVDs

A lot of car rental companies have noted that entertainment systems were the way to go. If a client was renting out a van for a long distance journey, having something to entertain the riders is important. So it has been quite expected for flat screen TVs and DVD players to be part of a large car rental package.

Drinks and Snacks

These are usually expected when you rent out a larger vehicle like a limo or a stretch SUV. Rental agencies have realized that these little touches provide considerable enjoyment and ease for their clients. However, there are rental agencies that will need to be asked if they do provide drinks and snacks and if they come with any extra fees. It is always better to be safe than sorry, we always say.


Yes, whether you believe it or not, a driver is a ‘feature’ of a rental car that most people tend to forget about. A lot of rental agencies tend to assume that most clients that rent out vehicles will want to drive it themselves.

However, for certain vehicle types, a driver is considered to be ‘part of the package’. An excellent driver can do a lot to enhance the experience of getting a rental car.


When you think about amenities, it is often important to consider the vehicle that you are renting out. It would be completely unreasonable to expect amenities that go with a limousine to go on a 2-seater convertible. When you think of the amenities that we listed above, be sure to match them up with the right kind of vehicle.

That way, you can manage your expectations and get the most out of your rental when you have it.

Four Reasons Why Travel Is Made Better By a Car Rental

We are put on a pretty special rock in the universe. There is so much to do and to see on this planet of ours and it would be such a shame to not do so. Travel is a concept that many aspire to do but not everyone is truly able to indulge in. There are a variety of reasons why that is.

People often think that travel is the source of a lot of stress, costs a lot of money, and requires intense logistics. While that can be true in some sense, there are ways in which you may improve travelling as a whole. Of course, we are referring to renting out a vehicle.

Travel can actually be made better when you rent out a car. Here are four reasons why:


Car rental services, especially when approached several weeks in advance, often have massive discounts for those that would like to rent out a vehicle. Travelling, even when it is something as short distanced as one city to the next, will cost money. So it would simply be common sense to save up in certain aspects of your trips when you can.

As anyone who loves travelling will tell you, in order to obtain the best sorts of experiences, you scrimp on some areas and go out more on other things. If you save up on travel costs (by getting a big discount on a rental car), you’ll have more funds to direct toward other parts of your trip like food, accommodation, and even spending money!


Travelling can be quite taxing. This is especially true when you are visiting a place that you have never been to before. It can be quite challenging to learn routes or learning how to differentiate legitimate forms of public transportation and what isn’t.

When you take out a rental vehicle, you afford yourself convenience of the best kind. You will no longer need to concern yourself with having to learn bus schedules—instead you can direct your attentions to finding out the best places to go and what sights you want to see first.


Being in a brand new environment can be quite a test to one’s fortitude. The unease that you get by going to a brand new location can be too much for some. Luckily, an extra layer of security comes with a rental vehicle.

There are always security measures that come along with a rental vehicle. There are dashboard cameras and most rentals will have a GPS tracker on it. This way, you can be sure that even if you are in a new place, someone will always know where you are.

Planned Itineraries

Planning where to go and what to do is often the most stressful part about travelling. What is great is that a lot of car rental agencies that partner up with travel agencies to create full itineraries for specific locations. Everything, even the accommodations, is planned out. All you need to do is show up.


As you can see, taking out a rental vehicle has significant effects on making travel better. What other ways do you think a rental car would make travelling better?